“Yes, you will lose your license for a minor drug charge!”

20 Feb 2012, by Benjamin Luftman in Criminal Law

Think a minor drug charge is no big deal and you should just pay the ticket? Think again. In Ohio, any drug conviction will result in you losing your license for a minimum of six months up to five years.

A judge is not required to grant you driving privileges during your suspension and many do not. The license suspension is mandatory and no, it does not matter that you weren’t driving your car when you were originally charged with the drug offense.

An attorney who understands the Fourth Amendment, search and seizure laws, the judicial process and one who is not afraid to fight for you is necessary to help your chances of avoiding a drug conviction and lengthy license suspension.

Attorney Dan Sabol has won many difficult cases where the officer did not have a right to search his clients either on the street or in their car. Those cases resulted in dismissals for attorney Sabol’s clients and they avoided lengthy license suspensions. If you are charged with a drug offense, make sure you contact attorney Dan Sabol to discuss your case and explore your options. All initial consultations are free of charge.