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Attorney Luftman Presents at “Handling First Ohio DUI Case (2021 edition)”

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On December 8th, 2021, LHA founder and accomplished defense attorney Benjamin L. Luftman discussed his intake process for first-time DUI callers as part of myLawCLE’s continuing legal education webinar series.

First-time DUI Callers: Program Highlights

Attendees will learn about remaining empathetic and informative during first-time DUI calls. He breaks down how to gather all the relevant contact information, case details and inform the client about mandatory and optional penalties, license suspension, driving privileges, and ultimately the avenues available to accomplish the client’s specific goals. Attorneys will also see how an authoritative approach can be a valuable sales tactic regarding an initial OVI intake conversation.

Key Topics Discussed

  • ALS Suspension and driving privileges
  • Potential penalties and client case goals
  • Types of evidence and analysis
  • Local Jurisdiction
  • Taking DUIs to Court and the process –expectations, hearings, discovery, and trial
  • Competitive attorney fees

Criminal Defense Attorney, Megan DiVincenzo on Good Company on WKYC – TV

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Cleveland OVI/Criminal Attorney Megan DiVincenzo will be a guest on Good Company this morning at 10:00 a.m.

Good Company is a news channel in Cleveland, Ohio which will feature LHA’s DiVincenzo for a segment to discuss OVI Law. Ms. DiVincenzo is a Warren, Ohio native and attended law school at University of Akron. She focuses exclusively in the areas of criminal defense and traffic law, with an emphasis on OVI/DUI defense. Ms. DiVincenzo represents individuals charged with offenses ranging from minor traffic violations to major felonies throughout the greater Cleveland metropolitan area.

Click here to watch live: WKYC – Good Company

The benefits of hiring an attorney for a traffic ticket

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So you just got a moving traffic violation ticket and are thinking “no big deal” and are just going to put the check in the mail. You may want to think again. Speeding tickets can raise insurance costs 53%

According to an Insurance.com analysis of nearly 400,000 insurance quotes and 30,000 insurance policies sold in 2010, one moving violation led to an average annual premium increase of 18%; two moving violations led to an average annual increase of 34% and three moving violations led to an annual increase of a whopping 53%.

Bottom-line, there are benefits to hiring an experienced traffic attorney to represent you on your moving violation. An experienced traffic attorney will review the case against you and look to keep the conviction and points off of your license and more importantly, your insurance.

Attorney Chase Mallory in Columbus, attorney Brad Groene in Cincinnati and attorneys Megan Divincenzo and Kelly Wilson in Cleveland have successfully represented thousands of clients throughout Ohio charged with moving violations by preventing convictions on their cases and keeping the points of their license and insurance.

If you are charged with a moving traffic violation ticket make sure you contact attorney Chase Mallory in Columbus, attorney Brad Groene in Cincinnati, or attorneys Megan Divincenzo and Kelly Wilson in Cleveland to discuss your case and explore your options. All initial consultations are free of charge.

Source: Yahoo! News