Ohio Bankruptcy Resources

The below are resources for individuals interested in leveraging Luftman, Heck and Associates for bankruptcy filings in Ohio:

  • Ohio Bankruptcy Client Questionnaire
    To begin, please complete this form to your best ability and submit electronically. Once it is complete, contact our office at (614) 224-1500 x3634 to schedule a follow-up appointment.
  • Approved Credit Counseling Agencies in Ohio
    View a list of Approved Credit Counseling Agencies in Ohio from the US Department of Justice.
  • IRS Form 4506T (Request for Transcript of Tax Return)
    You can request a transcript of your tax return by calling 1-800-829-1040 or through the website provided above. The IRS does not charge a fee for transcripts and requires two weeks for delivery.
  • LandAccess
    Visit LandAccess.com to obtain recorded deeds and mortgages for property. Our office can pull Franklin County recorded documents from another source as you cannot obtain Franklin County documents from LandAccess.com.
  • National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA)
    Visit the NADA website to learn the value of any vehicle(s) you currently possess.
  • Median Income Statistics
    View the statistics for Median Income in order to pass the Means Test.
  • All of the following documents must be received by Luftman, Heck and Associates prior to a bankruptcy filing:
    • Paycheck stubs from the previous 6 months
    • Tax returns from the previous 4 years (2006-2009)
    • Bank statements from the previous 4 months
    • Recorded deed and mortgage for any real property
    • Summaries of pensions, IRAs, 401(k) statements, etc.
    • Summaries of life insurance and homeowner’s insurance
    • Car title and automobile insurance policy
    • Summaries of stocks, accounts, CDs, etc.
    • Copies of driver’s license and social security card
    • Copies of all credit card bills, medical bills, collection notices, utility bills, etc.
    • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Clients:Appraisal Report from JS & Associates