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New credit card reform starts today

22.02.2010 in Bankruptcy, Consumer Law, Misc, News

The new credit card law goes into effect today in hopes that borrowers will not get in too deep with outrageous fees and booming interest rates, although it may have hurt some consumers in the process.

According to The Associated Press in the following two articles, the new credit card reform has worked against borrowers in the past nine months but will hopefully help borrowers in the near future. From the time that the new bill was signed by the president to the time it was placed into effect, credit card companies have skyrocketed their interest rates making it hard for credit card users to pay back their full balance.

Please read the articles below to get a better understanding of the new credit card reform bill. If you have been a victim of the high interest rates and became overwhelmed with debt, call the offices of Luftman, Heck & Associates to schedule a free consultation to talk about your options. You can reach us at (614) 224-1500 or toll free at (877) 700-8484.

What you need to know about the credit card reform

Mixed blessing: credit card reform may shock some

Office Anniversary!

17.02.2010 in Misc, News

February marks the one year anniversary of the San Diego office opening.

SDoffice2-2Luftman, Heck & Associates opened the doors to the San Diego office one year ago and have been defending debtors and defendants ever since. Attorney Scott Grace has taken on a number of cases ranging from Criminal & DUI Defense to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. We look forward to continued growth and success.

The office building is located right in the heart of Sunny San Diego.
501 W. Broadway, Suite 800, Dan Diego, CA 92101

Calling All California Residents

08.02.2010 in Consumer Law, Misc, News

If you are a resident of California and you have EVER paid ANY money to a debt settlement company, call the law firm of Luftman, Heck & Associates today.

Luftman, Heck & Associates released a new commercial for California residents that have lost money in a debt settlement company. Most debt settlement companies are operating illegally in California. If you have paid money to one of these companies, call us to talk with an attorney today at 619-330-5900.

California Debt Settlement Consumer Defense Commercial:

Benjamin Luftman named as’s Lawyer of the Day!

02.02.2010 in DUI & Traffic Defense, Misc, News

The Columbus Bar Association’s named Benjamin Luftman Columbus’ Lawyer of the Day for February 2, 2010!

CLF features one attorney each day on the Columbus Bar’s Twitter account.

Today’s Twitter feed stated the following:
CLF Lawyer of the Day: Benjamin Luftman

D.U.I./Criminal &Traffic Defense lawyer… also history buff & world traveler

Please check out this link to see our very own Ben: