Author: Benjamin Luftman

Prevent Wage Garnishment Now

08.04.2010 in Bankruptcy, Consumer Law, Misc

Creditors that are seeking wage garnishment can take up to 25% of your paycheck. We can help stop this!

The best thing consumers can do in today’s troubled economy when sued by a creditor is to defend themselves against creditors’ aggressive litigation tactics.  With most consumers not defending themselves, creditors have the ability to win these suits without having to prove the interest charges, penalties or even that the consumers owe the alleged debt.  These cases can result in a judgment against the consumer which can lead directly to wage garnishment: a court ordered seizure of funds from a consumer’s paycheck or bank account.

Filing for bankruptcy can stop a creditor from garnishing your wages. Consumer wage garnishments in Cleveland, Ohio have increased 30 percent between 2008 and 2009.

Don’t assume that just because you have been sued by a creditor there is nothing else you can do in order to help yourself.  Creditors often omit documentation to prove their claims and it is in your best interest to fight back!  If you have been sued by a creditor please give us a call at 614-224-1500.

Source: Pay Garnishments Rise as Debtors Fall Behind

It Pays to Fight a Speeding Ticket!

31.03.2010 in DUI & Traffic Defense, Misc, News

Hiring an attorney rather than paying a speeding ticket can save you thousands in the long run.

According to an article from MSN Money, “an experienced driver in California with a single-car policy and a good driving record, paying average rates statewide for liability, collision and comprehensive insurance coverage will pay about $920 annually. One speeding ticket would be a $207 annual increase, or $621 more over three years.” states that insurance companies charge more for speeding infractions because of the inherent risk of those drivers.

Hiring an attorney who frequently deals with speeding tickets will know how to get the best deal for you and can often appear in court for you, so you don’t even have to take the day off.

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Cincinnati City Leaders to hold press conference

30.03.2010 in Criminal Law, News

City leaders will be conducting a press conference this afternoon to discuss the recent flood of homicidal violence in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Between March 18 and 28, 2010 there have been eight homicides in Hamilton County.  Mayor, City Manager, Police Chief, and City Council Public Safety Committee Chair will all be participating in today’s conference.


Bank of America Cutting Principal Balances on Mortgages. Do You Qualify?

29.03.2010 in Bankruptcy, Consumer Law, News

Bank of America announced a new plan to cut the principal on loan balances by up to 30% for Countrywide borrowers.

According to an article from CBS News, the bank estimates that 45,000 customers only will qualify (BofA currently holds 1.2 million loans that are in default) for principal reductions that will average approximately $60,000.

Here are some of the details of the BofA program:
– Invitation only: don’t call your local BofA banker and expect him to lop off tens of thousands of dollars from the loan-the bank will contact you if you qualify
– The program is for Countrywide borrowers
– Loan balance must be at least 120% of the estimated home value
– Borrower must be at least 60 days overdue
– Borrower must demonstrate financial hardship

If you are interested in talking with an attorney to discuss bankruptcy options and you are would like to know how Bank of America’s new plan will affect you, please give our office a call at (614) 224-1500.

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